Tuesday, February 27, 2007


You think you know a person.

Jack Bauer doesn't know who to trust.

His brother, Graem, used to be a heartless, rude ER doctor, until he got his arm cut off by a helicopter rotor up on the roof and later was smashed by another flaming copter, but that was after he did unspeakable things as an x-file.

Jack's dad used to be good ol' Farmer Hogget. What happened?!?!?! No more, "That'll do, Pig"?

His sister-in-law, all innocence but we can tell she has a secret, was previously Mrs. Ned (Lois) Quartermaine, for goodness sake, a free-spirited Brooklyn girl, before she was crippled by her flying hero husband in a car crash and landed in a wheel chair.

Tom Lennox used to be good at Numb3rs before his Space Shuttle training, and long after he bugged Ally McBeal. Reed used to be married to a Million Dollar Baby, and he was John Denver, and before that he was dying of AIDS as Bekka's one true love, Jesse.

And that evil digit-less guy who was after Mighty Joe Young, well, he's after the USA now!!

Poor Jack Bauer.

Hope he's in good hands, with David Palmer!

The writing of this post took place between the hours of 12:00 A.M and 1:00 A.M.

Viewer Discretion Advised - it will make NO SENSE if you have not watched as much TV as I.


ashley said...

This post made my day! It was the first thing I looked at this morning and had me laughing right away.

Do you think Prez Logan is up to no good?

Anonymous said...

Witty, Cherie, how is it that you know so much TV trivia? Hours of study no doubt.

Deanna said...

I understood at least half of your references, Cherie. Good work tying them in.

I used to be a big ER fan, but that arm-losing episode may have been my last one. :P

And I swore off 24 after the wife got it at the end of season one. Sometimes I still watch an episode, because it's always on at this house. Hope Bauer makes it, again! :-)

Beario said...

HAHA!!! Thats Funny Mom! I like the last three bits. You are very creative!

Good work!


Carolina said...

Poor old Mr. Hoggit! : ) Maybe HE needs to get in good hands with Mr. Palmer!

Very funny Mommy!!!!!!


Cherie said...

Yeah, yeah, Tom no doubt it's the hours of study. Don't rub it in!! Good thing I tape all these shows for YOU!! :-D

Ashley, I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. I have to admit, I was chuckling on my way to bed last night after writing it. Who says you can't tickle yourself unto laughter?!?!

Deanna, you are right. The messiness can be revolting at times. I pretty much quit watching ER after Romano was smashed under the flaming helicopter. Over the top, and dumb. And poor Terri Bauer, buying the farm at the hands of the evil Nina. So sad!

Caroline, thanks for your cheery and nice words! I knew you'd like the last three lines. We shall watch this year to its end together - Chee Chung!

Cassie, you are right, Farmer Hoggett certainly could use some of David Palmer's goodness. He's in bad hands now!

It's all so fun! Thanks for your comments guys! They add to my happiness.

You know where to find me on Monday nights - 'studying', of course.


Pam said...

Sooo funny! They should do an episode where they tie everything together with all these odd characters from the past... brilliant!

Like Deanna, I confess to only having committed to season one of 24. When they killed off Jack's wife at the very end, well, I felt too betrayed to put myself through another season. Maybe I'll rent them someday...

Thanks for the laughs!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Pam.

Maybe it's because of all the testosterone that was around here during Season One, with three men in the house, that I could stomach such betrayal as the wife being killed off. My tiny whimpers of, "No. Oh....not poor Terri....sniff sniff...." were met with, "Oh MAN!! Is she dead? Is she dead? Jack is gonna SLAUGHTER Nina!!"

"Okay. Okay. Yes, it's only TV," I console myself. "And Kiefer IS.... well, you know."

Wink wink.