Sunday, December 10, 2006


Invading - threatening - dark.
Bullying, heedless.

Obligation? Response?
Gentleness earns bluster.
Kindness earns rant.
Then greets now.

Abandon hope?
Close doors, lock, bolt?
End, finito, enough?
I precede you? When?

Why repetition?
Kowtow, submit, capitulate. No.
Spoiled child, spoiled adult.
Fools dismiss wisdom.

Bleak situation
Demands strong will, heart.
"Enough light for the next step, Lord.
Just enough for one, more, step."

~~~~~ Ethan Itia, poet

It's been a rough day.

(Before you go there, no, it's not Tom or the kids. Something menacing this way comes.)


Annie said...

Hold on, sweetie, hold on.

Pam said...

Is today a better day...?

Cherie said...

Thanks for the compassion, friends. Means a LOT!

Is today a better day? is...enough light for one step.

Exhausted in my poor head and heart. Plus my body lost its valiant battle with the cold/flu enemy because of fighting off the menace at the same time. Currently I am 102 degrees of fever, hot/cold, swooping, swooning, and I'm told, "Pretty funny to watch and listen to," in my hallucinant state. (Something about cranberries.......and ball pin hammers??????)

You should see how my children are rising to the occassion, unasked, picking up the slack and caring for me.

Perhaps the menace came that I might be faced with something which I am so afraid to believe - that I am not alone.


Pam said...

Oh, you poor thing! To be so sick right before Christmas is the worst... Glad the kids are there for you -- bask in their love and care! And get well. (Cassie & Caroline, put the hammers out of reach and hide the cranberries!)

Cherie said...

I have to tell you, that, now that I'm not feverish and nutso anymore (hey, watch it!), I asked Tom about the cranberry statements.

He said I kept saying, "Put the cranberries out." He got up out of bed, wondering,"What cranberries??" He then searched the kitchen, fridge, and freezers. He couldn't find any cranberries.

Fearing my wrath, and not wanting to shirk this request, he grabbed a can of frozen orange juice concentrate, set it on the counter, and headed back to his 'hot' (and not in the good way) wife.

Ashley said...

Ethan Itia has had heart pain which I recognize. Thanks for sharing.

The orange juice story is priceless! Men do try, don't they.