Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fifteen Years

It was fifteen years ago today that Cassie came into this world, a curious, quiet, pink, pretty baby. My dad quickly named her, "The Most Beautiful Baby in the World!" She didn't have the usual misshapen head or discoloring, and she wasn't squalling. She was peaceful and her little eyes were wandering all around the room, though I'm told babies can't see very well. I am certain she had no idea how to interpret her vision. She seemed to be curiously trying to understand!

All I could do was cry and say quietly, "I have a"

"Thank you, God," was my prayer. Still is.

On that night, fifteen years ago, Tom, the boys, and I watched the World Series from my comfy hospital room, with Cassie in a small bassinet by the bed. The boys were ON the bed, drinking pop. Cassie was perfect! We went home that evening and slept soundly - all five of us. Excited and content, all at once.

I was PARTICULARLY content, as I'd suffered for several days with pneumonia, the coughing from which snapped a rib. Yep, I had a nearly full term baby inside, a broken rib, and a vicious cough, when here comes the onset of labor just as I was getting into bed for the night! It was a magical night........all night. It really was.

Cassie decided to remain in her comfy womb-home, to sleep the night off. She graciously let me sleep, too, in the hospital. No gymnastics that night. She was calm. In the late morning labor was induced, and in the afternoon Cassie was gently born. Such a relief for her.....and for me. The pneumonia abated. The rib slipped back into place to painfully grieve me no more. My pants fit again, and I felt TERRIFIC!!

My family of four had grown to a family of five with the birth of our beautiful healthy little girl......

......who's turned into a wonderful daughter, still curious, still pretty, and still a JOY!

Birthdays are fabulous reminders of our roots, our journey, our progress - and the mercies of God!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TMBBITW, Cassie! (That's for you, Pam!)

P.S. Here's a picture of Cassie with her birthday cheesecake. What you can't hear is our off-key rendition of Happy Birthday to YOUUUU!! We had a perfect day!


Pam said...

Holy cow, Batman! I can't believe it's been 15 years since the baby officially declared THE MOST BEAUTIFUL was born... I remember how it became necessary to abbreviate her title, TMBBITW, so we would have more time and space to devote to discussing her! Happy birthday, Cassie! (What I don't remember, Cherie, was your pneumonia and broken rib... I must be blocking it. Ouch!)

Cherie said...

It might very well be impossible for anyone but me to remember the painful things surrounding Cassie's arrival, for a reminiscence of that special occassion calls to mind basking in all encompassing sunshine and rainbows, the soothing angels singing, the earth bursting forth in joy, and God smiling down upon the creation of--------TMBBITW!

Annie said...

I can't get over how beautiful your photos are, Cherie! I go to your site just to relax. You're writing always inspires, the pictures add elegance. You're so talented, friend. Happy Birthday, Cassie! Sweet Girl!

Annie PostScript said...

Boo boo'd - should have used 'Your' instead of the third 'you're' - ;-/