Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twenty-Two - Nourish

Stuffy nose upon awakening. Hmm...

Plans change.

Need nourishment.

Of all sorts.

Oatmeal and Jasmine tea. Satisfying.

Back to bed. Doze amidst twinkling white Christmas lights bedecked with shiny green, gold, and yellow orbs. Grayness beyond glass panes.

Bangers and Mash. Broccoli, too. Sous chefs Tom, Cassie, and Caroline. Christmas carols play as we peel, cut, brown, simmer, steam, then eat. Glowing candles - ambience.

Sun peeks, clouds dissipate. Space claimed on heated floor, glass door wide open, sitting, leaning pillowed against white wall. Sixty degree breezes caress. Winter sun so low in sky yet full and gauzy bright. Eyes close. Face relaxes. Warmth.

Yes, nourishment of all sorts.

Feeling better. Much.

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