Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jonas and Bonus: Portland Part One

The long-awaited trip to Portland to see the Jonas Brothers has come and gone but the memories linger. So do the smiles. I'll let the photos do the talking.

In the car on the trip up. Giggles. So very many giggles. As it should be.

In front of the Jonas Brothers Bus. At last.

We all signed the side of the big rig, Caroline first.

Before we were ushered into the stadium a trivia contest was held outside the Rose Quarter. Cassie knows the answer!!

Caroline won a guitar pick necklace. She thinks the crutches helped her be chosen. The crutches also allowed us to enter through a special door for the physically disabled. Never have we had so many tweens and teens give us nasty looks as we breezed ahead of the loooong line and into the building.

There was one of those big screens like the ones celebrities stand in front of to have their picture taken at gala events. Cassie and Caroline hammed it up. "Oh yeah!"

Jonas Brothers STUFF!

The girls with the guys. Sort of...

The stage!

Nick on the Jumbotron. After this I put my camera away and enjoyed the show. Jordan Sparks was the opener as well as Honor Society and a girl group from Korea called Wonder Girls.

After the concert, riding the high!

The talented men put on a fantastic concert. High energy, very professional, and clean. Enjoyable for all. I particularly liked when they sang Sweet Caroline, the Neal Diamond classic. Of course, Caroline liked it, too! Most of the songs are written by the brothers who also play a variety of instruments. All genuine musicians and respectful, likable guys. Good combination, and rare these days.

A great way to spend a Saturday night together as a family!


Wandering Coyote said...

This is great! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Cassie said...

This was great!!!! Thank you for taking us! It was so fun!!!!

Love you Momma!

And the Jonas Brothers!!

Cherie said...

We did, WC. And Cassie, you are more than welcome. I introduced you to Bobby, John, and Tommy, you and Caroline intro'd me to The Boys! Love 'em all!

G'ma Joyce said...

What fun to enjoy your weekend - almost as good as being there. Love - AJ & UFR