Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tearing Off the Page

Some years more than others I find tremendous relief in the tearing off of that last calendar page of the year, gratefully welcoming another forgiving starting place.

This New Year's Eve finds me there - relieved.

While 2008 shared enjoyable 'ups' it has ended in too many miserable 'downs'.

Even as I hold the precious gifts of 2008's lovely moments close, I conscientiously pluck the seeds of wisdom and experience gleaned from the ugly moments, realizing the gems, carrying them with me as healing tools which offer clarity to keep and to share.

A fresh start. I know time is only a perception. January 1st is as much a winter (or summer) day as December 31st. The way of nature has no mind. But I do. Marking time with celebratory or cleansing rituals nourishes me. Nourishes us.

As my heart quietly observes the old year's passing in the midst of boisterous friends and family I will raise my glass to the spacious possibility of the new year along with all of you. Cheers!

May 2009 enter gently into your life.

Happy New Year!!

(The little wine bottle caps and scarves are available at, in case you're wondering.)


Wandering Coyote said...

I have my new calendar and new agenda book before me and I am glad to see empty pages and boxes...Looking forward to seeing what I fill those spaces with.

Take good care, and may 2009 be good to you.

thebookbaglady said...

I have yet to purchase a new calendar for the kitchen wall. Happy New Year to you!

deanna said...

Happy New Year, Cherie, to you and your cute scarved champagne and your family and those you endure in love.

tshsmom said...

2008 was filled with huge ups and huge downs for me. I'm hoping '09 will level out a bit.

I actually bought a new calendar(at the dollar store, WOOT), transcribed important dates to it, and hung it yesterday! That must prove that I'm hopeful for the new year. ;)

Mike S said...

I'll drink to that!!

Cherie said...

WC, BBL, and Tshs: I finally pulled my 2009 calendar (the one a fireman gave Tom at the Christmas parade - ha!) out of the drawer and hung its glorious emptiness. Yippee! Hope the holidays ended on happy notes for you as they have for me.

Deanna: Thanks for all your assistance on Thursday. We connected and all is far as I know. ;)

Mike: Cheers!!