Thursday, November 20, 2008


Twenty days of Nablopomo.

Unexpected Con: Posting every day, while an interesting experiment and certainly do-able, means that each post is not afforded its due at the top of the page, but is quickly chunked down and down and down into obscurity. I've read many intriguing daily posts this month that should have been savored but were skimmed, their relevance lost in the enormous volume of writing by fellow Nablopomo trekkers. Like when a movie contains marvelously strung together sentences but there are just too many to mentally retain, so most dissipate before I have a chance to capture their essence, ponder their ideas, digest their meaning.

Unexpected Pro: Like an enforced brain-enema, Nablopomo has left my fusty mind-closet of words and ideas cleansed, refreshed, invigorated. All those musty old words that I'd intended to simmer on the 'back-burner' had instead become smashed and intertwined up against other good intentions. Daily posting has caused them to be peeled apart, examined, and the decision made: save or chuck? De-cluttering is good for a closet - it's even better for a brain. This is unexpected. Didn't know it could be done. An interestingly pleasant side-effect.

Nablopomo? Ten days and counting...


deanna said...

Ten days left. I don't know, I think my brain's become more cluttered. Of course you notice I cheat and post writing exercises... Then I put up random stuff, rather than using brainpower to post something profound. Oh, well.

I agree, though, everyone else's profound posts fall too quickly off the page.

Cherie said...

It's been an interesting experiment, that's for sure! I think I'll be happy to go back to posting when the mood strikes, though. It's getting too forced. But, I'm going to finish out this marathon and see what it brings.