Sunday, January 27, 2008


Snow gently falls.

Soft. Still. Illuminates predawn,

Blankets mud, vehicles, naked tree branches, the unlovely and the beautiful, homogenizes. White.

Feathery flakes, wide, irregular, contribute their individuality to the common.

Feels like peace.

Under porch shelter, blanket clutched around burdened shoulders, bare feet, lungs relax into deep, cold pulls and pushes,

Scent and taste of hope, renewal.

Arms of Mercy embrace, comfort, assure,

Good will conquer evil.

Have patience.

Look within, walk your path, steady, true, accompanied,

Break down, restore, break down, restore;

Such is the creation of wholeness.


tshsmom said...

There's NOTHING like the cleansing effect of fresh snow on our souls!

Your camera captured the snowflakes beautifully too.

Cherie said...

How right you are! This photo was taken around seven in the morning. Little did I know that it would snow steadily for over seven more hours! So beautiful. What a blast we had!

And yes, the snowflakes made themselves known quite nicely.

Annie said...

THIS is beautiful too! The poetry reflects the progress you are making in reference to your last post. Good to read Cherie. I like the intimacy of the photo, the light and dark and those sparkly snowflakes. "Arms of Mercy." "Feels like peace." "Break down, restore, break down, restore." These words resonate with me. Another inspiring post!

Cherie said...

Perceptive as always, Annie. Yes, I'm finding my equilibrium once again. Surprisingly an unexpected snowstorm was the medicine I needed. It rejuvenated my processing. Mysterious ways. Glad the post inspired.

Ann said...

There you go again....posting these breathtaking photographs that make me long for.....snow? Yeah, maybe, though I probably would complain soon. But there's another kind of longing, too....for peace, beauty, stillness, purity.


Cherie said...

Me, too, Ann. Me, too, longing for peace, beauty, stillness, purity. The snow is a great boost.

Alas, the temperatures warmed up last night and the snow is steadily, quietly dripping away, a lingering good-bye. Better than freezing up, becoming dirty, and changing from beautiful to messy ugly. Sounds like we are in agreement about snow - nice for a while, but then, nice when it's gone again, too, while it's still wanted and not a messy inconvenience.

I hope something lovely comes your way and gives you the same sort of boost our very rare snow storm has given me.

Thanks, Ann!